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1. $577,538 Grant To Start A Small Airline
2. $525,000 For A Bed And Breakfast
3. $442,527 Grant To Train Caregivers
4. $409,986 Grant To Computerize Information About Hiking Trails
5. $300,000 Grant To Start A Mentor Program
6. $299,685 Grant To Develop A Tutoring Systems For Elementary Students
7. $275,000 For An Automotive Machine Shop
8. $218,473 Grant For A Record Keeping Business
9. $200,000 Grant To Develop A CD-ROM For Children With Disabilities
10. $200,000 Grant To Develop Railroad Ties Out Of Recycled Plastic
11. $200,000 To Improve An Oil Business
12. $192,000 To Start A Bagel Restaurant
13. $180,000 Grant To Make Videos Accessible To The Blind
14. $167,000 Grant To Train 27 Employees
15. $166,000 To Start A Learning Center
16. $134,000 Cash Infusion
17. $100,000 For A Billiard Parlor
18. $100,000 Grant To Develop A Theater
19. $100,000 To Open A Convenience Store/Deli
20. $100,000 To Purchase Fitness Center
21. $99,954 Grant To Develop A CD ROM For Breast Cancer Patients
22. $99,945 Grant To Set Up A Parent Training Center
23. $91,640 To Open An Espresso Bar
24. $91,250 To Start A Laundry Business
25. $85,000 Grant For A Sculpture And Mural For A Local Public School
26. $80,000 To Buy A Woman's Fitness Franchise
27. $80,000 To Purchase A Women's Exercise Franchise
28. $80,000 To Start A Publishing Company
29. $75,000 Fort Landscaping Business
30. $69,690 Grant For A Butter & Cheese Company
31. $61,550 Grant To Develop Herbal Products
32. $60,000 Grant For A Film Festival
33. $50,000 For Green Earth Emporium
34. $50,000 Grant To Hold A Basket Weavers Meeting
35. $45,000 Grant To Help Children With Disabilities
36. $20,000 Grant For A Polish-American Christmas Gala
37. $14,500 To Travel To Venice
38. $10,000 Grant To Hire A Management Consultant
39. $5,000 Grant To Be A 3-D Visual Artist
40. $5,000 Grant To Help Become A Painter
41. $5,000 Grant To Study Print Making
42. $5,000 Grant To Work On Textile Crafts
43. $5,000 Grant To Work On Your Painting
44. $5,000 Grant To Write Poetry
45. $5,000 Grant To Write Poetry
46. $5,000 Grant To Write Short Stories
47. $5,000 Grant To Write Short Stories
48. $5,000 To A Textile Artist
49. $3,000 Grant To Learn Weaving
50. $3,000 Grant To Teach African Drums
51. $2,690 Grant To Teach Blues Guitar
52. $550 To Put On A Dance Performance
53. $265 To Start A Floral Business

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